New Year, New You - Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities in Austin

New Year, New You - Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities in Austin

Austin Women's Network Monthly Luncheon
Austin Women's Network celebrates the collaboration and success of talented, smart and innovative women and the collective role they play in and around our community. It focuses on multi-faceted women in various roles and business organizations.

Local Austin LinkedIn Networking
Local Austin LinkedIn is a group of Austin professionals who met on LinkedIn and who network in the Austin area. We have been hosting FREE monthly meetings for over 4 years! You do not need to belong to LinkedIn to participate. Please join us!

Board Essentials Online
This live, interactive, online training presentation provides the fundamental principles and best practices that every nonprofit board memberโ€ฆand the staff who work with themโ€ฆshould know. 

Hands on Central Texas Volunteer Project Leader Training
Volunteer Project Leader Training Hands On Central Texas, the volunteer arm of United Way for Greater Austin, builds the capacity of volunteers to become volunteer leaders able to organize and lead volunteer projects that address our critical community issues. The Volunteer Project Leader Training is a course that helps transform casual volunteers into active community leaders by equipping participants with the leadership skills and tools they need to make meaningful and lasting change in their communities.

New year, new job? Nonprofit Opportunities by Cause

Thinking about the new year? What about reporting last year? Annual Report 101