Terminate, then Reinstate

It has been a rocky quarter for Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the wake of the Planned Parenthood funding controversy. In the wake of the funding pull and reinstatement, several high-level Komen officials are stepping down.

Yesterday, the Huffington Post reported that three officials from Komen’s headquarters in Dallas resigned, in addition to the Chief Executive Officers of affiliates of Oregon and New York City. To top it off, the Washington Post released this afternoon that LaSalle D. Leffall, the Chairman of the Board, has left his post as chair (although he will remain on the board). These actions have shifted Komen’s founding board member, Robert Taylor, out of retirement.

The public relations backlash from the organization’s doubletake is running its toll on the remainder of this year’s budget cycle as well. Affiliates are postponing or cancelling events, and National Headquarters is undergoing an extensive internal budget review. Still, some affiliates are citing no significant change in donor relationships post-planned parenthood flip. Nevertheless, there is a growing sentiment among Komen and affiliates that confidence in leadership and mission needs to be reaffirmed.

While Komen continues to sort out messaging and donor relations in the wake of their conflict with Planned Parenthood, representatives from Planned Parenthood are meeting this weekend in Portland for their annual conference, Komen funding in hand.

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