Eat and Drink your Way to a Better World

In today's economy, where unemployment continues to teeter around 9% and many families are struggling just to get by, direct giving is often passed over.  It can be tough to hand over cash or write out the check the way we used to. While nothing can replace the value of donations, many charities are implementing innovative fundraising campaigns and joining forces with major manufacturers in an effort to target consumers as donors.  We may not drop a $5 bill into the donation bucket, but if we are at the local market buying coffee, we may spend a few extra dollars for the brand that donates to a good cause. Below are some great examples these high return charitable products so we can all eat and drink our way to a better world.

Three Avocados

Three Avocados is a nonprofit coffee company, meeting their charitable needs by selling coffee made by impoverished families in Uganda.  Proceeds from the sale of the coffee provide clean water, allowing children to attend school rather than traveling to the water supply, enhancing Uganda's ability to gain social independence.  Up to $3.00 per bag goes directly to the charity, and after ordering it myself, I can vouch that it is great coffee. OneHope Wine

I love a good wine, especially if I know that up to $5.00 per bottle is going to charity.  A great feature of OneHope is that a portion of the proceeds goes to One Hope's mission of choice, and they also let the purchaser select a secondary beneficiary, ranging from military organizations, youth advocate causes, music for relief projects, animal rights, and many others, depending on the wine selection.  The greatest factor for OneHope is the variety, from the wine options to how the consumer allocates their donation.Sweet Home House Cookies

Dancing Deer Bakery Co. offers several varieties of cookies prepared and packaged in an adorable gift box.  Recently they were featured on the Regis and Kelly show, and rightfully so, as 35% of the proceeds go to supporting homeless mothers and children obtain education, employment, and a new lease on life.

Belvedere Vodka

Who doesn't want their bloody mary to make a difference? Thankfully, the (RED) campaign for AIDS relief through the Global Fund has partnered up with Belvedere Vodka (and several nonfood entities) to allow up to 50% of every purchase to go to AIDS relief.  Currently Belvedere Vodka is also running a great awareness campaign on their facebook page.

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