Blogging about Blogging

I’ve wanted to blog about blogging for a while now.

When I took up the idea about a philanthropy blog, I was running the charity for a professional sports team in the midst of a terrible season. Without playoffs, the offseason was extended and without the upcoming season’s dates and roster from the team/league, there wasn’t a lot I could do to prepare for the next season. On top of it all, the arena and my job was in the suburbs of the suburbs – far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin. I was bored and needed a way to stay engaged in all of the great nonprofit work in Austin.

So I blogged. I tweeted. I joined Fundchat. I actually shared ideas and engaged with my peers. It was fantastic.

I can only imagine what my colleagues thought of me, feverishly typing away while they stared idly at their computer screens. I enjoyed watching my site and my online presence grow, and it was informative and exciting to meet people who were the only marketer/fundraiser in their position – just like me.

[Insert 3 years and a disdain for suburbia and commuting in Austin traffic.]

I have a wonderful, amazing, insane, challenging job managing all of development and communications for a statewide nonprofit. For the first time in my career I have a paid staff, and some of the best interns and volunteers I’ve encountered.

But about that blog.

It is so hard to sit down at the computer and write. I feel guilty for blogging and not working on that grant that’s due next week or following up with my team. I feel like maybe I should work on my pudge and go for a jog, or clean the lump of cat fur and dust that has been under the bookshelf for a month. It’s also hard to stay relevant, especially when by the time I sit down to write, the idea I had has long since passed.

Then I remember why I blog.

The entire point was to keep me connected and engaged with my peers. There are fundraisers managing kids and blogs and full time jobs and they do it with such grace. I blog so I can learn from them and others can learn from me. If you're thinking about blogging, I strongly encourage it. So far, my blog has garnered attention for the nonprofits I've worked for, helped me advance my career (you know a potential employer is internet stalking you), and its helped ground me in the field I love. It gives me a reason to look around and see the great work people are doing to make our world a better place. Plus its nice to write without having to ask for a grant.



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