A quick Qaster question

The internet is a truly amazing place. You can learn, network, seek advice from strangers thousands of miles away, and even further your career.

Sometimes the internet can also be a scary, technology-infested place where spam-bots and computerized data make you long for human contact.

I recently stumbled upon a fascinating mix of the two - Qaster. Qaster, a search engine that pulls information from twitter conversations, brings back the human element of the internet.

Since I'm a nonprofiteer, I started by asking nonprofit questions - is X organization a nonprofit? What is org X's mission? etc. The results were accurate, humorous, and surprisingly reliable. The layout was gorgeous and it was a refreshing deviation from good ol' google.

Since I'm vein, I looked up my nonprofit, and was impressed that it had information about our free events and learning workshops. 

The great thing about Qaster was that it brought information to the forefront that would have been substantially buried in a google search. If you are looking to grow your twitter presence, I encourage you to test out Qaster and see how your organization fits into conversations, content, and subject matter surrounding your mission.

*Many thanks to Michael, who encouraged me to give Qaster a try.

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Bravo to the Bravas - a foodie's take on Barlata Tapas

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