Quest for the Best Guacamole in Austin

Before I start a riot, I want to say that there are tons of great places to get guacamole in Austin. From Guero's on south Congress to Fonda San Miguel for the folks who like their food fancy, there is no shortage of good avocado happening in Austin. A while back I stumbled upon an old (presumably too old) Texas Monthly Article on the Best Guac in Texas, and since I disagreed, I thought I would give my two cents.

For those who like lime...

I enjoy a good, limey guacamole. I think that both Tacodeli and El Chile are pros at a good guacamole with a strong lime presence. I will say that if you prefer chunkier guac, head to El Chile, and if you sway toward a smoother experience, head over to your nearest tacodeli (which may be closer than you think). Not only does the lime make the guacamole taste delicious, the acid helps preserve the avocado so you can enjoy it longer.

For those who like to eat at home...

Guacamole tasting at La Condesa

Guacamole tasting at La Condesa

I never thought I would say my favorite anything comes from H-E-B. Somehow store made comes off as overpriced and slightly questionable as many storemade foods don't have to provide full nutrition facts or ingredient lists. That being said, H-E-B tomatillo guacamole is addictive. I actually purchased this by mistake in the mad dash that is the afterwork dinner scramble. I usually look for the "spicy" sticker and head on my way, but what a wonderful error. The tomatillo doesn't give it any kick, but rather a subtle tang and great overall flavor profile. Plus, since you're already at the store, you can pick from your choice of tortilla chips and matching salsa. Heck, while you're there just get some steak and make fajitas.

For those who like a show...

If you like your food to come with a little entertainment, I'll recommend the Iron Cactus tableside guac. Few things are better on a nice summer evening than sitting on the rooftop at Iron Cactus and enjoying a good happy hour. The tableside guac is made with such care, and is absolutely delicious. Tableside guacamole offers a freshness you can't get elsewhere, and it is amazing. Just don't get a server in a rush or you'll get really lumpy guac.

For those who like guacamole that tastes like something else...

If you're not a fan of guacamole, or avocado, then La Condesa is for you! Their delicious, mouth-watering guacamole is dressed with such great add-ons you'll never know you're eating guac. I suggest ordering the guacamole tasting, which offers a sample of 4 salsas and 4 guacamoles:

  • Traditional
  • Chipotle Puree and toasted almond
  • Watermelon, tomatillo, and queso fresco
  • Jumbo lump crab, apple, and coconut vinegar (by far the best)

I love the crap and apple guacamole so much I've started making it at home. The flavors are so great and the apple brings a crispness and crunch to guacamole that you don't normally get.

For the ambitious...

Zocalo Café, in addition to an amazing location, offers up a pretty creative guacamole. The guacamole deconstruido is avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, and lime served separately and you can mix it to taste. I love this, and it is perfect for those who need a "his and hers" style of guac. My boyfriend likes his food way too spicy, and this is perfect. You need to be willing to whip it up yourself, but that is half the fun!

Runners Up

Takoba has great guac, but if you're at Takoba and you're not eating their queso then I just don't understand. Order the queso. Now.

They might just have the most delicious everything, but Rosita's Al Pastor has good guac too. 

Horray for Homesteam

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