Horray for Homesteam

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing. That one, extraordinarily comfortable shirt or the shoes that are comfortable after 12 hours or that one pair of pants that fit perfectly. Well, my favorite blouse was obliterated by the deadliest of all writing utensils...the sharpie permanent marker.

I did everything I could think of: pre-treating, washing, and investing in the fancy television-endorsed "stain fighters," but it was a no-go. I still had a white satin blouse with black spots, and the dalmatian print went out of style a long time ago. I even contacted the retailer to see if it was still in production. All hope seemed lost.

As one final attempt I took my shirt down the road to Homesteam. Two days later my shirt came back looking brand new. PRISTINE. As if nothing had happened.

This is not the first time Homesteam has saved the day for me, and since they've been in town for 90 years, it seems that they get the drycleaning business. They're fairly central on Manor Rd., and a hop away from anyone living on the East Side. Plus, El Chilito is across the street, so you have a great excuse to run errands and grab guacamole.

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