Something to Smile About - Amazon Smile

I love I love my prime membership and I love that the UPS man has to carry the kitty litter to my door instead of me lugging it around. I love that I can buy in bulk and ship gifts to my family.

But now I also love that the Amazon Smile Foundation is making it possible for my transactions, and those of anyone else who has my link, to earn money for nonprofits.

How it Works

  • Go to and sign in like you normally would through Amazon – this DOES work with Prime memberships
  • Keyword search for your favorite nonprofit (many have been given their own links, like this one)
  • Amazon will then open their homepage and on the top left of the headerbar it will indicate “Supporting: Organization X”
  • Check out like you normally do and 0.5% of your total purchase goes to the nonprofit.

Amazon also runs specials, like they currently have through March 31st where each unique customer earns the nonprofit an extra $5.

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