Running the Marathon (or half of it anyway)

Running the Marathon (or half of it anyway)

Self improvement is something fairly common among type A personalities. We want to go faster, further, and better - all with less effort. I love multi-tasking and recently I learned how to run on the treadmill while reading emails. Talk about two for one. Running has helped to get stress out, even if the stress travels out through my right knee.

Speaking of work and running multitasking, the nonprofit I work for sent me to a national conference in Denver last month, which happened to overlap with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half, so I signed up. It was a wonderful experience in mind over matter, and while my time isn't going down in the record books, I’m happy to report that I finished, and there is something wonderful about testing yourself.  

If you work for a nonprofit, I'm just going to assume that you're stressed; I've never met anyone who isn't. While a little stress is a healthy motivator, there are several great articles focusing on how to use exercise to reduce stress here, here, and here. I'm trying to not let my gym membership get dusty, and I hope you do the same. 

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