Dollar a Day

One of my first blog posts several years back highlighted Philanthropr, an online platform encouraging small-dollar donations benefiting a daily rotation of charitable organizations. Basically crowdfunding for nonprofits. Disappointingly, Philanthropr couldn't sustain their business model and had to pass on into the internet morgue.

That being said, small dollar donations and rotating beneficiaries on a central site is an amazing idea, exposing donors to new causes and organizations. The former CEO of Kickstarter, Perry Chen, liked the concept. So much so that he formed “Dollar a Day,” a subscription-based donation site where donors commit to a $30 monthly contribution ($1 daily for folks doing the math) and the featured charity rotates. According to Perry, “It’s a way for people to discover nonprofits that they might not have heard of. From there they can learn more and interact directly.”

The site has been built by volunteers with the purpose of getting nondonors introduced to charity and to take existing donors and expose them to new organizations working in education, health, economic development, arts, environment, and human rights.

For my nonprofit friends, here is where you can apply for your nonprofit to be featured.

For my philanthropist friends, here is where you can sign up for this great site.

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