A Wild Time

I’ve seen my fair share of the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center during my time here in Austin.  My first experience highlighted my naiveté surrounding the Texas weather; it was late summer, unbearably hot, and I remember looking around at the cacti hoping to see more color.

My second visit was much more enjoyable - participating in the holiday laminations event. It was the perfect mix of live holiday music, decorated Christmas trees, and twilight. That being said, it was dark, damp, and didn’t showcase plantlife (beyond the holiday trees, of course).

So, two weeks ago, after reading this article on the best places to see Bluebonnets, I ventured to the Wildflower Center to see Spring in action. This was the experience I’d been hoping to have during my previous visits; I strolled in just after a light Spring rain, so the flowers were lush and vibrant and it was relatively quiet. Poppies and primrose lined the gravel paths and bushes of honeysuckle and verbena surrounded the benches and sitting areas. Even the tall grasses and meadowscape were decorated with patches of bluebonnets.

After a brief peek at the greenhouse and nursery, I headed home excited about a season that otherwise means allergies, significant vacillations in weather, and random thunderstorms. With extended hours through May 31st, I completely recommend a visit to the Wildflower Center to see the best they have to offer.

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