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Walmart Foundation President, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, was nominated by President Obama to serve as the Director of the OMB. Burwell served under President Clinton, so the appointment would mark a return to the White House.


The Federal Government Sequester has begun its toll on charities serving seniors and the disabled. Meals on Wheels, rental assistance for low income families, and homeless programs are services that will be reduced or cut while congress attempts to strike a deal.

Legislators in Texas are looking to create a state-run primary care program for women’s health to recoup funds lost in 2011.

Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield has restored board pay, which will consist of up to $54,500, according to Philanthropy Today. Board pay was suspended in 2011 amid controversy after payments of nearly $80,000 went to the organizations board.

The United Arab Emirates donated more than 2,500 macbooks to high school students in tornado-stricken Joplin, Mo. And $5 million in post-Sandy reconstruction in New York and New Jersey.

Volunteerism in Russia is rapidly increasing, despite current attempts by Parliament to bring volunteer activities under state oversight.

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